Diary for meetings and events



Covid 19 update. 

We are still unable to meet at the William Collyn Community Centre but with the vaccines on the horizon there is hope that we will be able to restart on Wednesday 10th March 2021. This is , of course, provisional and we will continue to keep you informed both here and by newsletter in early March.
 Meanwhile the business of the AGM in January 2021 cannot be done in the normal way. The chairman’s report and treasurer’s report ( which will be audited as usual) will be sent out by email in January along with 2021 membership cards. The committee will just roll over into the new year.
The new programme will not be printed until we are confident that it will go ahead. The provisional programme is listed below.
 Meanwhile stay well and safe.

Note change of monthly meetings to Wednesdays at The William Collyn Community Centre, Wellbrook Way, Girton CB3 0GP


Wednesday 10th March

Joe Sharman (Monksilver Nursery Cottenham)  ‘Herbacious Perennials’

Competitions: A pot of flowering bulbs; Easter/Spring table decoration

Wednesday 14th April

Barry Gayton ‘Pests and diseases of the garden and indoor plants

Competitions: Three stems of one flowering shrub; Three sticks of rhubarb

Wednesday 12th May 

Sylvia Newman ‘Creating a Sensory Garden’

Competitions: A vase of Spring/ Early Summer flowers; Three fresh herbs in a jar

The summer programme will be filled in when we can confirm it.

Wednesday 13th October 

Tim Fuller ( The Plantsman’s Preference)   ‘Naturalistic Gardening’

Competitions: Autumn flowers from the garden: A plate of apples or pears

Wednesday 10th November

Pippa Temple  ‘The Mill Garden – a Labour of Love’

Competitions: A vase of dried seed heads; An indoor foliage plant

Wednesday 8th December 

To be arranged

Competitions: A Christmas table arrangement; a cactus plant


Wednesday 12th January

Annual General Meeting and social evening with light supper

Competitions: A flowering pot plant; A photo of a plant or of your own garden

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