Diary for meetings and events


Our meetings will resume at 7.30pm from October 13th on the second Wednesday of every month at the William Collyn Community Centre

To ensure everyone’s safety as far as possible please read the following very carefully.

1.To prevent a queue on the first evening we would like you to e-mail us at girtongardensociety@outlook.com to confirm that you are double vaccinated (unless exempt on medical grounds) otherwise you will need to show your vaccination card to Chris when you arrive. Letting us know that you are coming will help us to lay the room out appropriately. Any friends or visitors must pre book by phone or e-mail.                                2. Chris will be seated at the entrance to the room (wearing a mask) and will record all attendees. We have a duty to inform NHS Test and Trace should anyone become ill later.        3. Windows and doors will need to be open to provide adequate ventilation so make sure you bring suitable clothing.

4.WCCC request us to wear masks when moving around in the public spaces and using the toilets. Once seated it is your personal choice. Please take personal responsibility for your own safety and have regard for others who may be older or more vulnerable.                          5. We will arrange seats in a semi circle facing the front at each table for the talk and then one person can collect a tray of teas, coffees and biscuits for their table. This will reduce the amount of close contact.                                                                                                                                          6. Obviously do not come if you have any Covid symptoms.


Wednesday 13th October 

Tim Fuller ( The Plantsman’s Preference)   ‘Naturalistic Gardening’

Competitions: Autumn flowers from the garden: A plate of apples or pears

Wednesday 10th November

Joe Sharman (Monksilver Nursery) ‘Herbaceous Perennials’

Competitions: A vase of dried seed heads; An indoor foliage plant

Wednesday 8th December 

Jim Paine  ‘Botanic Gardens – A grand Tour’

Competitions: A Christmas table arrangement; a cactus plant


Wednesday 12th January

Annual General Meeting and social evening with light supper

Competitions: A flowering pot plant; A photo of a plant or of your own garden

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