Diary for meetings and events


From October 2019

All meetings will be held at 7.30pm in the William Collyn Community Centre, Wellbrook Way, Girton CB3 0GP 


Thursday 10th October  2019 William Collyn Community centre

Nigel Start

Self-sufficiency from your garden

Competitions: Autumn flowers from the garden; A plate of apples or pears(dessert or cooking)

Thursday 14th November  2019 William Collyn Community centre

Geoff Hodge

Winter colour in the garden

Competitions: A flowering pot plant; A vase of dried seed heads

Thursday 12th December  2019  William Collyn Community centre 

Andrew Sankey

A Cottager’s Christmas – the season’s customs and traditions

Competitions: A Christmas table arrangement; Six Brussels sprouts or 3 leeks



Thursday 12th January    William Collyn Community centre 

Annual General Meeting and social evening with a light supper

Competitions: A foliage plant; A photo of a plant or your own garden


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